April 20, 2007

Minor Improvements

Posted in Game Content, Media, Progress, Thoughts and Ideas at 7:15 am by mothmanbr

Well, since today I worked mostly in setting up this blog, and unfortunately I wasn’t able to do anything this afternoon, progress was slow. Most of the work I did on the game was to improve the code and make it more open to future changes. One thing not to do: get overexcited about your game, and rush everything to see the new things soon. You should calm down and do everything slowly and in a way you know you can read and modify easily later. When you have a few dozen of global variables(that were supposed to be only temporary for you to test a feature) being used all over your game, it gets a bit complicated to change.

Bullet Trails Anyway, apart from the code optimization, I changed a few types and added new ones. This one you see on the right for example, is the bullet trail. It fades out in one second, so now you don’t see that sudden disappearance of the whole trail when the bullet is destroyed. It stays behind, slowly fading out. After it fades out completely it also is destroyed. It’s worth noting that the trail is not a single line, but a list of several lines, each with their own alpha value, that connects to the end of the other. Of course they are not very long. Also, another thing you may notice is that the bullets look different. I’m testing a few particle effects, but I’m not very happy with the results. I’ll have to play around with the settings and other ways so the bullets look cool.

The quad weapon, that was kind of useless before, is now really overpowered. You have only a few shots, but they pierce through any enemy and are only gone after they leave the screen. They don’t kill the enemy in later levels though, but damages them badly. The pistol and SMG had their strenght lowered also, their only difference now being the rate of fire and recoil. And the shotgun(sorry about this, shotgun fans – I know a lot will be disappointed) now is the weakest of all weapons. It has awful damage – its strenght lies in the quantity of shots. Now the weapon is more effective in close range, instead of against a group of aliens.

In some cooler news, I have a friend working on sprites for the game, which is improving it a lot already. They are not quality sprites, but just drafts and things we want to test out. But it still gave the game a way better feeling than just killing those slimes 😛 Below is a screenshot of my newest record, also showing several frames of the newest enemy sprite.

Click to see the full image.

I think I should add more blood.


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  1. Moicanu said,

    Ur a noob (nóbi by Scharf) =)
    Muito manero blog…
    sinto saudades do meu >

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