April 20, 2007

v0.3b Download

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I posted the two previous releases here along with screenshots and comments on it. I will be reposting some things here πŸ™‚

I’m very happy and proud to release this new beta πŸ™‚ I’ve changed a lot of how the game worked, to give it some sense: now the enemies come in increasingly difficult waves, your weapons have limited ammo and you rarely get more ammo. If I had just added a scoreboard, this could have been a cool game to play for some hours(well, minutes). I added sounds to the game also, I stole all of them from my CSS folder, the weapon sounds come from custom skins. Of course, they are just temporary, just like the bad, awful graphics.

0.3b Screenshot


Click for full-sized image.

Download it here: SendSpace [1000KB]

Oh, I also added a better HUD and a message in portuguese in the beginning of the game explaining the commands. Something that I should have done here a while ago.

1. Extract all files to the same folder
2. Run main.exe
3. To uninstall, delete the folder.

Mouse – Moves crosshair and shoots
1 – Select pistol
2 – Select submachinegun
3 – Select shotgun
4 – Select quadshot
P – Pauses the game
ESC – Quits the game

* Added new fonts
* Added weapon sounds (Ahem, stole)
* Added level up sounds (Ahem, stole too)
* Added pause feature (Which I noticed now, that has a very bad bug in it. The time keeps counting)
* Fixed a bug with the death animation (The enemy would change direction in the middle of the death animation)
* Added ammo (Always had it, but only enabled it now)
* Reworked the GUI completely (It makes you want to puke, I know)
* Enemies now come in waves (What makes it a game)
* Killing an enemy sometimes gives you more ammo
* Game can now display simple static or moving messages on screen
* Doubled time in which blood stays on the screen
* Minor graphical improvements (I bet you don’t even know what improved πŸ˜‰ )
* Minor code optimization (VERY minor. The code is kind of messy, since I hurried to implement most things)
* Lowered reloading time for the quad weapon
* Added main screen with instructions (well… in portuguese πŸ˜› )

Also, for those interested, you can find the previous release after the cut. Unfortunately I lost the download link of my first release 😦 It sucked anyway.

Download it here: SendSpace [510KB]

0.2b Changelog:
* 3 new weapons: SMG, Shotgun, QuadShot.
* 1 new enemy (the same but new color and crappy death animation)
* New death animation (really crappy)
* Graphics improved slightly (you can’t even notice)
* Blood decals
* Bullet cartridges decals
* Removed command prompt window


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