April 21, 2007

Code optimization; new sprites

Posted in Game Content, Media, Off-topic, Progress, Thoughts and Ideas at 7:16 am by mothmanbr

Sorry guys, I’ll make this short: I had little time to work on the game today, and when I did, was lazy most of it. But I did optimize some more of the code, and marked some other places that I need to work on. I had no idea how crappy I programmed the player type. I will rewrite it completely tomorrow.

I added a new tileset, that you can see here, and a new “base” for the player, which is basically a top-down version of the previous one, done by my friend that made the alien sprite I posted before. Also, I removed the particle effects I was testing for the bullets. They consume too many resources and are useless. The pixel bullets work so much better. So unless I have any new idea for the bullets, they will remain like that until the final version. I also added an explosion that creates fragments that go in random directions and lose speed until they stop and disappear. But the explosion gives you a really sudden frame-rate drop, for all the projectiles being created at the same time. Even so, the explosion also didn’t look good. So I will remove it for the time being and work in more important things.

I will probably post a new beta this weekend, with some changes already planned: instead of just picking a random enemy(in the last beta, the slime color), I will create different classes of enemies that have different base speed and health values. Each wave will consist of a fixed number of enemies, but a different % of each. I will also rework the ammo system, because it is too much based on luck. What I do is to generate a random number, and compare to a value. If it is smaller, you get a random amount of a random kind of ammo. Needless to say that sometimes you won’t get any ammo until the end of the game, and some other times it’s ammo galore.  I’m planning in generating a small random number, and adding it to a variable. Once it is big enough, you get ammo. This way if you get several consecutive low numbers, you will still get ammo. It will still depend on luck, but it eliminates the possibility that you never get any ammo.

Oh, and thanks for everyone that reported the pause bug to me. I had already noticed it after releasing the beta, but I still didn’t fix it. I will for the 4th release though. It’s just that it was a fun bug. I enjoyed pausing the game and then seeing how long I could last against 30 enemies coming at me at the same time. Even though I already knew of the bug, I’m grateful for all those that came to me about it 🙂

So see you all tomorrow, with new content. By the way, the 4th beta release will have 100% original graphics 😀



  1. Sharfshuetze said,

    Much better now, still the amount you gain of ammo should be changed. I’m getting out of ammo x).

  2. Moicanu said,

    salsi fufu

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