April 27, 2007

Editors = Painful, boring process

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:08 pm by mothmanbr

Well, unfortunately, the editors still had a few bugs, which I am fixing now before I can implement them on the game. And I have to say, I hate them 🙂 Making a game is(so far) a very fun and interesting process, and very very rewarding. But making the editors is too much troublesome, and almost for nothing. Well, unfortunately, they have to be done, and someone has to do them. If we ever evolve to a game development company, I’ll hire someone to do the darn things. I wanted to say that our next public beta will be up this weekend, but unfortunately I can’t say that for sure anymore. But keep your eyes open because when this is done, I’ll have new media and screenshots for you. We have new sprites and better ones. Yes, even Mando 😛


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