April 30, 2007

Still No Beta

Posted in Game Content, Progress at 4:46 am by mothmanbr

Sorry guys, the weather went insane this weekend, and got really really cold. My throat has been aching for a few days now, I hope I didn’t catch a cold. Because of this and some other personal reasons, I wasn’t able to work much on the code this weekend, and even missed a few posts. 😦

Because of that, obviously, no new version will be released this weekend. But the good news is that I’m now resuming to work full time on the game, and I’m catching up to all the wasted time. So, today I have added a bunch of new stuff: a title screen, a menu, a mission briefing screen, a mission completed screen with a bunch of useless statistics(people always like numbers) and messed around with the code a bit to make it more readable. I also changed a lot of things, especially how the game treats images. Now instead of each class having its own array of images, I have one single class that holds ALL game images. So when an object is created, it searches this array to get the address of the image he will use. I’ve also eliminated almost all of my loose weird-but-made-for-testing-purposes variables and added them to the types, making a lot of my work easier.

Tomorrow I’ll post a few screenshots, showing the menu and some other things.


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