May 2, 2007

I’m on fire! Well, my hand is…

Posted in Off-topic at 2:06 am by mothmanbr

To complete the bullshittyness of this weekend plus holiday, my right hand just got soaked in boiling chocolate milk, for reasons unknown. So now in addition to my coughing and dizziness that was keeping me from programming, I now have my hand hurting, and a lot. I better not even touch the source code while this black aura is surrounding me, who knows what might happen.

I’m setting the release date for the next public beta for next weekend, in the best scenario. In the worst one I have all my source code and online backups replaced with a poem about bunnies written by a 2nd grader named Timmy.


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  1. Sharfshuetze said,

    Relax man, when you get better you tell us.

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