May 11, 2007

Working on the AI

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:59 am by mothmanbr

So, I have now started to work on the enemy AI for the game. And well, unfortunately I have almost no experience in AI. Most of my experience are the times I programmed a robot in a program called AI Wars or something like that. You had a small bug and you coded his AI, and put him to fight against other bugs. I really enjoyed it, and I thought I also would enjoy making the AI for the game. But so far it has been only annoying me(less than the editors thankfully 😛 ).

Anyway, I tried to make it so the enemy turned around if he saw an object in front of him, then fix his position to reach the player again. But that didn’t really work as expected, so I thought about pathfinding, but before I implemented it, someone at the blitz community pointed me to something called Steering Behaviours, which will work perfectly for my game. Someone already made a module for BlitzMAX that contains that, but instead of using his module I will make my own with only the things I need. I think this is better than reading his code over and over again to find what I need, since this way I will know the methods and functions because I created and named them.

I wanted to make a video of the working AI, but I think this will take longer than I thought it would. In any case, I will keep you updated 🙂


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