May 26, 2007

Progress and screenshots

Posted in Game Content, Media, Progress at 4:31 am by mothmanbr

Below you’ll find two screenshots, the first is the game running for 10 hours šŸ˜› The second is the newest version of the game, also running for a while. Unfortunately, my computer broke and I wasn’t able to work on the game or post in those last few days, but it’s fixed now and I’m back to work.

Oh well. Soon I may have a new video for you guys, showing how the game is this time. Right now I’m just coding some useless things to make the game look better, like rearranging the building menu, making the main menu and options menu, etc. After that is done, I’ll rewrite a code to make the enemies spawn in waves, just like it was before. But this time, between waves you’ll be able to research or buy upgrades šŸ˜‰ I’m stopping here today, even though it’s early. I’ll get some rest now because my whole body is aching.


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