June 27, 2007

New Message Style

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Well, today I realized something very important: LD is an action game, you won’t have time or patience to read huge messages during the game. So I changed the whole message style to a small bar across the screen.

I like how it turned out, I think now it is both more readable and better looking. I will of course have to test this out to find a way that it will be an interesting plot device instead of a distraction. Today I only worked on the stages, I already finished two fully scripted stages, and added a lot of new events. Tomorrow I will be integrating the buy and research screens together, and making it work for the story mode. See you around 🙂


June 26, 2007

Story Mode

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Sorry for the late update, I’ve been away.

I don’t really remember if I posted this, but Survival Mode is ready and working. At least a prototypical version for the 0.6 beta. So, I began working on the Story Mode, which is the most complicated one. I spent the day coding an event system, more complete than the one used in 0.5: events can be triggered by time, an enemy death, no enemies left alive, by other event, and some other stuff. Also, I added an in-game messaging system, that right now looks like a RPG dialogue box:

It uses the GUI module I built. I’m surprised how useful that module has turned out to be. I thought I was only going to use it for menus, but I’m using it almost everywhere. I even thought about using it to display the HUD, but I don’t think it’ll look nice in the way I have it planned. The Story Mode will be done very soon. But the stages and events… That’s another story 🙂 I’ll build a small campaign for the 0.6b, as always.

For unlockables fans, LD will feature a lot of features and extras to be unlocked. More details soon 😉

June 19, 2007

News And Screenshot

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Well, I haven’t touched the game code in quite a while. I got back to it today since I need to finish the beta soon to use as a more accurate showcase of how the game is doing, so we can try to get support from the university or even other companies. The details on our own company are still being discussed, but it is expected to “launch” until October.

Anyway, today I changed the code so it became more game-like, instead of just senseless killing. I re-added the wave system that I had in the 0.4b, removed the “mine” buildings, the ones that gave you money every X seconds, and introduced a new resource: Manpower. You need men to operate the towers and everything else. But you only get a few in every new wave, so you have to think well of what you want to build. So far, waves 1-7 are VERY easy, and Wave 8 is overwhelming hard. I managed to get to wave 8 almost unscratched, and after it began I was crushed in a couple of seconds 😛 Here’s my final score:

I guess I should also give you some details about the newest beta: it’ll have two game modes, Story and Survival. Story will be a mini-campaign, and Survival is a more arcade-like kind of game. Think of 0.4b and 0.5b joined together. The profile system is expected to be fully working, and maybe even online high-scores. Remember, this is the last public beta, so after that release, you will only find screenshots and movies here.

See you around 🙂

June 12, 2007

Quick Update

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Hey, just to let you all know that the game is still in progress. I have finished the GUI module a while ago, and it’s working perfectly. I also implemented it in the game, made the options menu, and the screens you’ll see between missions.

The team that will work on the game is now set: I have gathered two partners that will work on the game with me and we’ll be starting things officially – with a company and everything. Because of that I have been focusing on our meetings instead of posting here. Soon you’ll have new content though, including game art 🙂

Well here’s a screenshot of the main menu, now with the GUI module:

Click Here To Open

See you soon!