July 10, 2007

Defender Mode

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:14 am by mothmanbr

Well, it took me a while to update this, I’m sorry. I have been working on the game and in a couple side projects, but also spending time getting our project ready to enter it for incubation at my university. Everything is going well, gladly, and I’m sure it’ll continue this way.

I added a new game mode to Lunar Defender, a homage to a few games that inspired me with it, I’m sure you know what kind of game I’m talking about. It’s the Defender Mode. In this one you have to build towers to keep the aliens from reaching your base. The “skeleton” of the mode already works perfectly, it just needs a lot of balancing right now.

But what about the story mode? Wasn’t I working on that? Yeah, I got most things working, the event system is still incomplete, but it can already do enough to build a lot of stages. I need to work on the AI to be able to implement the rest, and I’m quite lazy to get to it. There is a module already for steering behavior, but I rather just learn how it works and code my own, so I may use this knowledge for future projects.

Lunar Defender itself is done already,  most of the things left to do involve only balancing and event coding. That’s great, isn’t it? 😀

Oh, one of the side projects I begun is a very basic game engine for the next game we will be working on. It is easier than I thought it was going to be, so that makes my idea possible. Just stay around to hear more about it.


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