About Me

Hi. My name is Marcelo and I’m an amateur game developer currently living in Brazil. I’ve always programmed games for a hobby, but now I plan to take them as a profession. I decided to create this blog to post my progress and experience, so maybe in the future I can offer experience for those wanting to code their own game, or at least be an example of what not to do.

For now, I’ll be using this blog to talk about coding my first commercial game, a simple static 2d shooter. As of now, the game is unnamed, but I have the whole concept, story and background in my head. As I am the only coder, I have not bothered to write down anything. I will be coding a prototype with stolen graphics and sounds and using BlitzMAX. As the game progresses, I will have someone to work on the graphics for me; mostly pixel art. And eventually we’ll have a quality game, with his development history and stages all registered here.

I’ll be posting screenshots, betas, demos, sprites, sounds… Any kind of media to show how the progress is going. Also, I will post the problems I face and some random thoughts, some of the challenges and troubles I will face, and some tips and info for wannabes like m or just those interested.

Remember that criticism and feedback are always welcome. I hope to see you around often 🙂


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