Game Download

I’m releasing the first versions of the game as public betas, which you are welcome to download and play. Of course, they are not complete games, and some have major bugs, but they’ll still keep you entertained for some time. Do you still want to play for free whenever I release private betas? Contact me about beta-testing the game at my e-mail, mothmanbr at gmail dot com

Lunar Defender

0.5b Public Beta
Now divided in 2 campaigns of 5 difficult missions, the purpose of this release was to just to test the scripted missions, menus, screens, and other things I added since the last beta. It lacks the replay value of the previous one, but it will still keep you entertained while you try to beat the first campaign. The second one is impossible. Info and Download Link.

0.4b Public Beta
Now this one featured original graphics and sprite animation, several different kinds of monsters, separated in increasingly-difficult waves. It was the best and most challenging of all the betas released, since after you died you wanted to try to get further. Gameplay Video. Info and Download Link.

0.3b Public Beta
Unfortunately the first two betas were lost in a HD failure, so this is the earliest version available. It still features crude sprites stolen from RPG Maker, text in brazilian portuguese and very few features. Info and Download Link.


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