May 7, 2007

Lunar Defender 0.5b Released!

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As promised, here is the newest version of the game 😀

The biggest change is that the game is now in stages, not the “survival” gameplay style that the last one was. Like I said, I wanted to change more in the graphics part, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to. The main campaign is very difficult even for me, and the extra campaign is almost impossible. So, if the gameplay doesn’t anger you, at least it’ll keep you stuck for some hours until you find a way to beat the stages. The main campaign has a “story”, told before a mission begins in the briefing screen. I didn’t put much thought to it, and it is not connected at all to the story of the final version of the game. It’s just there as a filler. The extra campaign is just a series of hard stages where you have to be careful about spending your ammo, or destroy the enemies fast. I recommend only trying the extra campaign after you beat the main one, or after you grow tired of it. Oh and now we have a background music, made by a friend.
Enjoy 🙂 As always, comments and criticism are appreciated. Contact me if you find any bugs or just want to talk. I fixed all the bugs I could find, but I’m sure there are a lot more just waiting to be discovered.

Click for full size

Download: SendSpace [3069 KB]

1 – select pistol;
2 – select smg;
3 – select shotgun;
4 – select quad;
ENTER – selects menu option or starts game;
ESC – quits the game or returns to main menu;
Mouse – aims and shoots;
P – pause the game.

1. Unrar all files to the same folder;
2. Run lunardefender.exe;
3. To uninstall, delete the game folder.

New Features:
– Game now divided in scripted stages;
– Two campaigns with 5 levels each;
– Each level is able to load its own enemy database and tileset;
– Menus added(main menu, options menu, new game menu, etc…);
– Scoring system added;
– Briefing and mission completed screens added;
– Death and weapon change sounds added;
– Background music added;
– Health bar now under the player base;
– Weapons highlight to show which ones are available or selected;
– Pixel-perfect collision added;
– Enemies now stand and attack the player instead of disappearing and causing damage.

Bug fixes:
– Game auto-selects the a graphics driver your system supports.

Code Optimizations:
– Code completely restructured and commented, making it more organized and clear;
– Several fixes to improve performance.


April 22, 2007

Game Release – v0.4b

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As promised, here is the latest release of the game 🙂 I changed a lot of things, and I would like to say that the player won’t be fixed in that position. I changed him there for testing purposes. Also, the health bar next to the crosshair was added for testing purposes. It may be changed to something else in the future.

Once again I’m very happy with the result, I think the gameplay is better now that it is balanced. You can kill 2 times more enemies compared to the last release before you die, so that means the battlefield will be really bloody. The new sprites aren’t state-of-the-art, but they are better than the slimes. So now I can say proudly that all graphics in the game were done by myself or by a friend(if you want to know which ones are mine: they are the really shitty ones 😛 ).

Another thing that I’m happy about is that I managed to play around with MaxGUI for a bit, something that I have never done before. I created a launch window for the game that lets you choose between full screen or windowed mode, and blood color. It also displays the changelog of this version. Anyway, time for a break now 😛 Tomorrow I’ll post what I have planned for the next version, which is very likely to be the last public beta. Those who want to keep playing will need to contact me to maybe become beta-testers.

Screenshot v0.4b
Click for full size.

SendSpace [1121KB] 

1 – 4: Switch Weapons
Mouse: Aim and fire
P: Pause the game
ESC: Quit the game

Extract all files to the same folder and run “main.exe” to play. To uninstall, delete folder.


New Features
– 5 new enemy sprites; (Not done by me)
– New player sprite; (Not done by me)
– New grass tileset; (Guess who? Not me)
– Ammo system less based on luck; (Now the only luck-based thing is for which weapon the ammo is for)
– Player moved to the left of the screen; (His position will change in the next release again, don’t worry 😛 )
– 5 new enemy classes, each with their own base speed and health; (I love the 5th enemy. You will see why. He’s a big blue thing)
– Bullets have different damage and caliber; (The shotgun is the weakest now, and the quad does a lot of damage)
– Added a launch window where you can set several options; (Including some useless and ugly things like “Emo Mode” 😛 Yes, it’s your mode Moicano)
– Bullets’ trails disappear gradually;
– Moved the health bar to the left side of the crosshair;  (Feedback on this is appreciated)
– Enemy waves more balanced and challenging; (At least they feel this way for me 🙂 )
– Shotgun now less powerful; (But powerful as hell in point-blank range)
– Quad now more powerful; (Let me put it this way: use it against enemies 1 to 4, you are wasting it.)
– Quad now has a larger trail;
– Pistol, SMG and Quad bullets’ are now around 25% faster.

Code Optimization
– Changed the ammo system to be less based on luck;
– Reworked the enemy type to add the new classes;
– Reworked the player type to allow better customization;
– A few drawing and simulation routines were rewritten to consume
less time.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed a bug where pausing the game wouldn’t stop the enemies from
spawning.  (I wanted to leave it because it was fun, but oh well 😛 )

So that’s it 🙂 I hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying to make this.

April 20, 2007

v0.3b Download

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I posted the two previous releases here along with screenshots and comments on it. I will be reposting some things here 🙂

I’m very happy and proud to release this new beta 🙂 I’ve changed a lot of how the game worked, to give it some sense: now the enemies come in increasingly difficult waves, your weapons have limited ammo and you rarely get more ammo. If I had just added a scoreboard, this could have been a cool game to play for some hours(well, minutes). I added sounds to the game also, I stole all of them from my CSS folder, the weapon sounds come from custom skins. Of course, they are just temporary, just like the bad, awful graphics.

0.3b Screenshot


Click for full-sized image.

Download it here: SendSpace [1000KB]

Oh, I also added a better HUD and a message in portuguese in the beginning of the game explaining the commands. Something that I should have done here a while ago.

1. Extract all files to the same folder
2. Run main.exe
3. To uninstall, delete the folder.

Mouse – Moves crosshair and shoots
1 – Select pistol
2 – Select submachinegun
3 – Select shotgun
4 – Select quadshot
P – Pauses the game
ESC – Quits the game

* Added new fonts
* Added weapon sounds (Ahem, stole)
* Added level up sounds (Ahem, stole too)
* Added pause feature (Which I noticed now, that has a very bad bug in it. The time keeps counting)
* Fixed a bug with the death animation (The enemy would change direction in the middle of the death animation)
* Added ammo (Always had it, but only enabled it now)
* Reworked the GUI completely (It makes you want to puke, I know)
* Enemies now come in waves (What makes it a game)
* Killing an enemy sometimes gives you more ammo
* Game can now display simple static or moving messages on screen
* Doubled time in which blood stays on the screen
* Minor graphical improvements (I bet you don’t even know what improved 😉 )
* Minor code optimization (VERY minor. The code is kind of messy, since I hurried to implement most things)
* Lowered reloading time for the quad weapon
* Added main screen with instructions (well… in portuguese 😛 )

Also, for those interested, you can find the previous release after the cut. Unfortunately I lost the download link of my first release 😦 It sucked anyway.

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