Games In Development

Lunar Defender 

For my first creation, I decided to stick with a simple 2d-view static shooter with some strategy elements. The name is Lunar Defender, since you will be defending a moon base against an unknown alien invasion. The game will have 3 different playing modes: Campaign, a story-driven mode where you must defend yourself and find out about what’s going on, having lost all contact with Earth; Survival, where constant waves of aliens attack you, and you must survive for the longest time and try to get the highest score; and Puzzle, where you have a set number of shots and a single weapon, having to do different things to clear the stage. It’s more of a skill than puzzle mode though. Other modes may be added, depending on a lot of things.

The development stage of the game is already a bit advanced, and even though there is a lot left to be done, a lot was already taken care of. I’ll be posting more info about this game in the blog, so check it often if you are interested. I try to update it daily, but sometimes it just isn’t possible.


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